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Genres: Horror , Thriller , Mystery
Actors: Robert De Niro , Mickey Rourke , George Buck , Kathleen Wilhoite , Dann Florek , Charles Gordone , Eliott Keener , Elizabeth Whitcraft , Michael Higgins , Brownie McGhee , Stocker Fontelieu , Charlotte Rampling , Lisa Bonet , Gerald Orange , Judith Drake
Director: Alan Parker
Country: Canada, United Kingdom, United States
Year: 1987
IMDB Rating: 7.3/10 (42247 votes)

Harry Angel has a new case, to find a man called Johnny Favourite. Except things aren’t quite that simple, and Johnny doesn’t want to be found. Let’s just say that, amongst the period detail and beautiful scenery, it all gets really, really nasty.

Film Review

Alright, I watched this movie and I have to say I was a bit let-down. Perhaps it was the whole cliché-ridden "Prince of Darkness" story or the constant shots of the ominous window fan. The 1980's MTV video techniques DO NOT add to the suspense or fright once they have been used oh say 100 times already. Actually, I think I was more scared of DeNiro's wonderful manicure than anything else.Okay, okay I am being a bit hard on the movie but it does come across as a bit silly from time to time.However, there is something endearing about the film and it's still enjoyable to watch just not anything deep or scary (unlike what some people say).

once Mickey Rourke said : "Alan Parker wears that glasses to look like Oxford's graduates, but he's been raised in the streets indeed & that's why he's a great director"."Angel Heart" was the first shock. i do not believe in silly top 10 but if i ever commit to choose, "Angel Heart" will be undoubtedly 1 of 10.the magical atmosphere which combines Raymond Chandler-style detective stories with high dosage of religion-related references & of course with the 50's ( not familiar, promising 50's of America's post-war era ) is so unique & every single plan in any sequence is so thoughtful that makes "Angel Heart" an obsession of mind for any serious viewer.i'm a guy from VHS era & i never forget the 1st time i watched "Angel Heart ". it was near 14 years ago( i was in high school), it was a LD(laser disk) copy with poor quality (yellow background all around) & it had hard-coded…

And here folks is Mickey R at his finest, here is where he looks the most handsome of all his movies, including 9 weeks, and his acting is el perfecto.Crumpled jackets, ever present cigarette dangling from those sensuous lips, yessiree he's the man! Effortlessly, he carries the story, almost as if it was made for him. And yes, its one of Alan Parkers best, thats if you can overlook the not so subtle voodoo/satanic bits. Here is where I thought Parker could have been a bit more subdued,leaving more to the imagination of the viewer rather that going a bit over the top with the devilish parts especially the ending. Having said that, its an eminently watchable film. If you're one of those that is intrigued by Harlem (New Orleans) and Cult, you'll enjoy this 'un!

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